The Vacation 911

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The Vacation 911

I graduated college and started as a CPA for a large company and was sharing an office with another CPA, of the female persuasion, a few years older than me and it was her first job out of school also, but she was there for three years when I got hired. She was a quite attractive blond, five feet seven inches tall, with a very nice figure and as they say, a killer ass with tits to match. We hit it off right away and as we were both single, it didn’t take long before we were hanging together, especially as we had just about the same likes and dislikes. This company was very cool company; I got two weeks’ vacation after six months and Val, my office mate and new friend said she had always wanted to go to one of those hedonistic resorts where you could go naked if you liked. I thought about it for a few minutes and came to the conclusion that would be so cool, so I told her let’s find a resort and we found the perfect one on an island in the Mediterranean. We went in late May as we figured it wouldn’t be so hot it was not fun to deal with and away we went when our vacation time came up. It was a great flight into the resort, island cocktails were served on the plane and when we landed, everything was taken care of for us and by the time we checked in, our luggage was already in the room. The room was beautiful, two full size beds, a sunken bathtub, all the amenities one could ask for and it only took a little while to unpack.

Val wanted to go to the beach and so did I, so we stripped and I have to say, I was impressed with her body, her tits were really beautiful, round, firm and with /nipples/big-nipples/">big nipples and areola, plus she had a very impressive bush around her pussy and I have never really checked out another woman, but Val was hot. She checked me out at the same time and looking me in the eye, told me that I had really gorgeous tits, the kind guys like to suck on and I turned bright red, which made Val laugh. I’m a redhead and interestingly my pussy hair is almost as red as my hair and Val also commented on that aspect of my body too, told me I had the first /pussy/red-pussy/red-haired-pussy/">red haired pussy she ever saw and she ran her hand through it to see what it felt like. Now I don’t know why, but when she ran her fingers through my cunt hair, my pussy got wet and it was all I could do not to moan. We went to the beach where we saw that most of the people were couples and what were left was mostly women, but everyone was naked, which was kind of a relief. We swam for a while, talked to a few other single ladies as the female part of the couples made sure their man was not accessible to us singles. After spending the afternoon on the beach which was extremely relaxing, we went back to our room to get ready for dinner and while checking out the TV found out they had porn channels, straight, lesbian or gay, and everything in-between. We went to dinner, found the food was excellent and went to one of the two clubs the resort had with live entertainment.

We listened to the band and danced a few times, had a few drinks and then Val said she was a bit tired, so how about we go back to the room, get naked and watch the wwwxxx some porn. For some reason this idea was very appealing to me, especially the get naked part as I was always naked in my apartment, so we went back to our room and got naked. We were laying on my bed watching two guys fuck a girl in all her holes and I could see Val was getting as hot as I was watching them go to it. She asked if I had ever done two guys at once, I hadn’t and neither had Val and she asked if I ever thought about it and I told her up to this point I hadn’t, but it looked interesting. Val reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy while telling me how hot she was now and then put her hand between my legs to see if I was wet also and I let her to my own surprise. Val then told me she had a strap-on with her and how about she does me first and then I do her and at that moment the thought of having her fuck me was the best idea I ever heard. While Val got up to get the strap-on, I touched my pussy and was surprised at how wet I was, my hot little cunt was dripping and when Val got back on the bed, I was lying with my legs spread like a little whore. Val didn’t waste any time, she got between my legs, rubbed her ’Cock’ on my pussy, over my clit and as I moaned she drove that cock all the way home and I wrapped my arms and legs around her and pulled her into my body.

You can’t imagine how good that fake cock felt taking my hot cunt and when Val kissed me, my cunt and brain both exploded and I covered her with my cum. My mind was reeling as she kissed me, she was the best kisser ever, in all my life I had never been kissed like she kissed me and between her ’Cock’ and her lips on mine, I was in absolute fuck heaven. She was moving that cock around in my pussy as she kissed me and I could feel her tits rubbing against mine and at the same time I felt her cunt hair rubbing against mine, it was the most incredible fuck ever. Then she took her tongue out of my mouth and said, ’Cum for me baby, show me what a hot cunted little whore you are for me, cum my little cunt lapper’ and I lost it. My ass came right off the bed lifting Val into the air as I had an orgasm like none I ever had before; my whole body was shaking like a leaf in the wind as she was telling me what a /good/good-girl/">good girl I was and what a hot piece of ass I am. I was off in a place I had never been before, all that existed in my new world was Val’s ’Cock’ in my pussy and her body touching mine while she kissed me. Then she pushed my legs back, holding them against my shoulders and started pounding my pussy as I went from moaning to making animal noises and screaming as I came again while Val told me I was /best/best-fucking/the-best-fuck/">the best fuck she ever had. She never let up, kept fucking me like a machine while talking to me, telling me I was her cunt now and when she got me to the point I was going to cum again, she made me tell her I was her little cunt now and would always be naked with my legs spread for her and that just made my brain explode again.

I have no idea how many times she made me cum, but it was a lot and when she finished using my pussy, I was almost in a state of exhaustion; she had fucked me for over an hour straight, giving my pussy the ride of its life and when she pulled the cock out of me, she made me suck it clean like she was a man. I couldn’t even close my legs after she was finished fucking me, I lay there, legs spread wide open, cum still dribbling out of my pussy and when Val bent over me and kissed me, I wrapped both arms around her, giving her the most passionate kiss I ever bestowed on anybody. She lay next to me, running her hands over my body, kissing me and I was in heaven, but when she got to my tits and started working on them I went wild again, she had the softest hands and touch ever. Then she took my nipple in her mouth and at the same time she put her finger in my ass, I came again, it was so fucking erotic and when she told me she was going to fuck me in the ass later, all I could do was moan. She worked another finger in my ass, then was playing with my clit with her other hand and when I was close to cumming again she made me tell her I was her /hot/hot-fucking/">hot fucking little whore and I was born to be her fucking piece of ass and I couldn’t believe it myself that I came like a fountain again. She took me in her arms, kissing my face and neck while telling me how beautiful I am and how much she loved fucking me, so when she put her lips back on mine, I kissed her back with all the passion I had left in me.

I told her I felt bad that I was now so tired that I couldn’t return the favor and Val told me it wasn’t a problem as the strap-on was two headed and she had half of it in her pussy while she fucked me and the strap held it in place so she got off a few times too. My bed was totally soaked as I cum a lot when I cum and between my cum and Val’s, the mattress was like a lake, so she washed me off and we retired to her bed. She pulled me against her so her cunt hair was rubbing against my ass and was holding my tits and I had never felt so secure and wonderful as I dropped off to sleep. I awoke to Val’s hands running all over my body and that wonderful feeling of her pussy hair rubbing against my ass and when she saw I was awake, she told me to turn onto my back, which I did without hesitation. She took my nipple into her mouth, put her hand on my pussy and I was an instant raging inferno again, then she started kissing her way down to my pussy and I realized she was going to kiss my cunt. I was almost out of my mind with lust by the time she got to my pussy and when she kissed my pussy, I slipped off into that special place, then she was kissing my thighs and all around my pussy, driving me insane, so I started thrusting my pussy at her. In that sexy voice she uses, she asked me if I wanted her to take my pussy and I replied, ’Yea, yea, take my pussy, it’s all yours Val, take my pussy’ and when she drove her tongue into my cunt hole, I came all over her face. Then wwwxxx she put two fingers in my pussy, one in my asshole and started sucking on my clit as my ass kept coming off the bed as I came like a machine gun going off.

Again she wore me out as she sucked and finger fucked me into complete sexual abandon and then she turned and I got my first taste of pussy and I loved it, I was so fucking hot for her that when she lowered her pussy to my mouth, I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto my mouth and I made her orgasm so many times I got a cum bath and I loved it. My first taste of a hot, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, Val’s hot, wet pussy turned me into a confirmed cunt lapper; I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed sliding my tongue into her pussy and tasting her sweet cunt juice, it was pure intoxication for me. I held her by her ass and kept making her cum for me until I was totally covered in her cum and she was begging me to stop before I killed her. We never got out of bed until lunch time and Val loved using the strap-on, she fucked me in every position we could think of and the whole time she fucked me she kept talking to me, telling what a hot little cunt I was and the best cunt lapper she ever had and that my pussy belonged to her now. Of course her talking to me only served to make me even hotter and solidify the thought that my pussy was now hers and that I belonged to her now. We went to lunch /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum and smelling like pussy which drew a lot of comments from the ladies we had talked to and when Val told them I was the best piece of ass she ever had, most of them got more than interested.

Got quite a few offers to bed down with some of the ladies and Val told them we will see but for right now, I was strictly Val’s property and she kissed me, which sent my pussy into convulsions and we headed back to our room. We took a bath together, Val washed me from head to toe, making my pussy ache all over again, but all she did was tease me and make me beg her to fuck me, driving me to the point I would do anything she said. She dried me off, took me back into the bedroom and made me dance for her, showing off my /tits/pussy-tits/pussy-and-tits/">pussy and tits while telling me what a hot little cunt I am and I was so hot, my pussy was dripping cum onto the rug. She also told me I was the best cunt lapper in the world, lay back, spread her legs and told me to show her how good a pussy licking cunt lapper I am and I literally dove between her legs to get to her sweet, sweet pussy. I buried my tongue in her hot cunt, she grabbed my hair and said, ’Make me /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-your-mouth/">cum in your mouth my cunt lapping little whore, show me how much you love eating my cunt bitch’ and I went crazy on her pussy. I was sucking, licking and tongue fucking her like I would never get to do it again and then she stiffened up, moaned, ’I’m cumming bitch, I’m cumming’ and filled my mouth with her hot delicious cunt juice and all I could think of was I wanted more of her love juice in my mouth, so I just kept working her sweet cunt until she flooded my mouth again with her sweet cum.

Val was moaning, ’Oh god baby, oh god, you are a natural born cunt lapper baby,’ pulled me up to her, kissed me, put two fingers in my pussy and while finger fucking me, she was telling me how good a cunt lapper I am, that I was her little /lesbian/lesbian-pussy/">lesbian pussy licker now and she was going to always keep me naked and ready to fuck. Between her fingers in my blazing hot cunt and what she was saying, I exploded like a sky rocket and cum shot out of my pussy like a fire hose going off. Val didn’t stop /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking me and I came three times in a row, cum just exploding out of my pussy and Val said I came so much she thought I might be peeing for a minute. I was so fucking hot that nothing existed in the world but Val’s fingers and her voice and when she told me I was such a /fucking/hot-fuck/">hot fuck that she couldn’t wait to let the ladies have me, I didn’t suspect she was going to film me while the ladies used me and she was going to direct the show, but then, that’s another story.