Hitchhiking From School

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Hitchhiking From School

It was my birthday that day and I was irratated that I had to walk home and so I was walking pretty fast. it was such bull shit that I had to walk home when I was 18 but anyway. There was this guy that I would always see when I was walking home and he would always slow down and talk to me when he drove by and he always asked if I needed a milf porn videos ride home and I never said yes till today and he asked and I said yes. When I got in his car he didn't hesitate to ask me if I was gay once I got in the car and ask me if I was a virgin. I said yes to both. He started to get all happy once I said that for some reason but anyway he started to ask me if I would consider having sex with him and I was just playing around with him and I said yes.

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