The office secretaryPART 1 by TJ

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The office secretaryPART 1 by TJ

She was hired as a personal secretary to two of our company's big bosses only a short while, but she was already creating big waves among the guys in almost every department. She made heads turn (including mine) every time she walked by, with those very short tight-skirts that showed off her long slender legs and dresses with necklines so low that little was left to our imagination as to what we would see if she took off her blouse. Many of us guys had great difficulty restraining ourselves from just grabbing at her, rip open her clothes and fuck her on the spot. Furthermore, rumor was going around the office that she's one helluva great cock-sucker. It was also becoming apparent that whenever she went in to either one of the big bosses' offices to take dictation, she'd be in there for so long that very likely she was taking more than just dictation from them.....probably taking a big, /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock into her mouth as well!!!

My buddy Matt and I (we both work in the same department) got together for a drink on our way home from work and many times we'd talk about what we wanted to do with her if we ever got to be alone with her, other than usual love-making. Matt was /crazy/">crazy about wanting to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-her-in-the-ass/">fuck her in the ass while I preferred to have her suck my dick to see if she was as great a cock-sucker as she was rumored to be. Whenever I jacked off in the shower or in bed just before dropping off to sleep, I'd often fantasize about her giving me the /blow/best-blow/best-blowjob-ever/">best blowjob ever. I also often wondered how her tits would be when she was naked and how fucking great it'd be to lick, suck and nibble on them and listen with pleasure to her cries of /ecstasy/">ecstasy while doing so. (My ex-girlfriend in high school reacted that way each time I did that to her when we were fucking.) Of course, I had fantasies about other "adventures" as well, mostly from the porn flick that Matt and I had watched together, but eversince she started working in our office, she was becoming a more central figure in my fantasies. For a while, that was all she was to me; so you can imagine how I felt when my fantasies about her came true!

It all began when I noticed that she would give me a very sexy look that would turn any guy on whenever I walked past her desk or if we ever passed each other in the hallway. Several guys from various departments (including Matt) also got sexy looks from her as well. I tried very hard not to make direct eye-contact with her whenever we passed each other, but I couldn't help stealing glances at her when we did so. Then, things got hotter when I got a horny message from her on my pc. All the computers in our office were linked by network so that inter-department memos could be circulated electronically rather than on paper. The network also enabled a function where we could leave messages on one another's pc and even chat. I still bokep sma pecah perawan recall the time when I got the first one, about 10 minutes before morning coffee-break time. As usual, the little icon on the right-hand side of the taskbar blinked after I had switched on my pc. Thinking it was a regular memo, I clicked on it. Imagine my utmost /surprise/">surprise and shock when I saw the message: "Wanna have your cock sucked?" flashing boldly at me from the screen! I sat there for a while dumbfounded, staring at those 5 words, and having a growing bulge in my crotch which became rock hard in no time. My heartbeat was racing, and so was my mind. This message HAD to be from her; who else would have sent something so sizzling hot like that to me? My mind then flashed back to the time not too long ago when one of the guys in the other department claimed that he had scored with her one night when no one else was in the office. He too got a horny message from her, responded and ended up having a great cock-sucking session with her. He also claimed that she was so skillful in manipulating his cock after he had cummed till he had another raging hardon in no time. She then took his hot rod into her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and soon they were fucking furiously while their lips busily engaged in hot passionate French kisses, with him getting a taste of his own cum that still lingered in her mouth. It didn't take long for him to shoot his load, and she gave the loudest moans he ever heard when she climaxed. All these thoughts that were swimming in my head left me in such a state that I didn't sense Matt had entered my cubicle and was standing right behind me.

"So, she sent you one as well?" I suddenly heard his voice say. I sat up with a jolt, wildly grabbed the mouse and minimized the window almost as quick as lightning. I swung my chair around and glared at Matt, who was looking down at me his trademark cheeky smile.
"Fuck you, Matt!" I hissed at him as I stood up. "Must you creep up behind me like that?"
"Relax, buddy-boy." said Matt, putting his hand on my shoulder and pushing me back onto my seat. "What's there to be /scared/">scared of? I got the same message too."
"You....you.....did?" I stammered. I felt my mixed feelings of guilt, anxiety and anger quickly settling down.
"Uh-huh." replied Matt, his cheeky smile widening into an evil grin.
"So, what'dya think about her message, Teej?" he asked. "You've been waiting so fucking long for this moment, right?"
My heartbeat began to race again but I still remained calm. "Yeah....sure.....but....." I said hesitantly.
"But what?" asked Matt. I took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly, trying to get a grip on myself.
"Sure I want her to suck me real /bad/">bad," I continued, "but seeing this message suddenly flash up on my screen makes me...well....um...kinda scared."
"Scared? What the fuck you scared of?" Matt reacted like he couldn't believe his ears.
"Scared that it's gonna come true sooner than I thought." I replied, feeling a lump in my throat.
"Aw, come on, Teej!" said Matt. "Relax, man.....just relax. It's not gonna be so bad after all. You'd enjoy it for sure."
I looked around a little uneasily, throwing nervous glances at my desktop wallpaper, though my instincts were telling me to respond immediately.
"Go ahead, buddy-boy." said Matt, placing his hand on my shoulder and giving it a light squeeze. "Tell her how much you want her to suck your dick. old waman xxxgx Tell her how much she turns you on and makes you cum everytime you beat off in the shower."

I looked up at Matt nervously. "You think I should tell her all this?" I asked.
"Why not?" said Matt. "I've told her how much I want to fuck her asshole."
"You....you what???" I almost choked in my reply.
"I said..." repeated Matt, with another cheeky smile, bending over slightly and lowering his voice, "...I told her that I'd want to fuck her asshole. I sent my reply before I came over to your workstation."
"Oh...." I said and swung my chair to face the screen. My hands moved towards the keyboard as though on autogear and my fingers placed themselves in readiness on the keyboard. I took a deep breath, maximed the window and typed a reply, my fingers flying over the keys in my usual super-speed mode.
"There goes Mr. Super-Speed Fingers!" Matt chuckled as he watched me. I took no notice, and continued typing; telling her how much I'd like her to suck my dick and how much she turned me on. As I paused, a horny thought flashed across my mind and made me smile.

Matt noticed it immediately. "What's up, Teej?" he asked.
"I was just thinking.....if I dared suggest to her that we do a threesome," I said. "you know.....she sucking my dick and you fucking her from behind."
"Well, what'dya know?!! The ice has just melted!" Matt chuckled again, clapping me on the back. "You read my fucking mind, buddy-boy! Go on......put that across to her and see what she says." I continued typing, putting forth my suggestion for a threesome, getting hornier as I sent my message.

A reply came back almost. Our eyes nearly popped out of our heads when we saw what she wrote: "Anything for two great-looking guys like you."
"Wooohooohooo!!!" Matt almost yelled with delight.
"Shhhhh!" I hissed at him, nervously looking over my shoulder, in case someone heard.
Matt immediately quietened down. "Sorry, bud." he said. "Hey, ask her when this hot adventure is gonna be."
I typed it out quickly. Seconds later, another message came back, which read: "Tomorrow night, 7 o'clock. Mr. Bracken's office. Door will be left open for you."
Mr. Bracken, one of the two big bosses, was out of town for the entire week. The other /boss/big-boss/">big boss was away on an overseas trip, so she'd be the one to lock up after everyone had gone home. The coast was perfectly clear! I shivered slightly with excitement at the thought of it, my hardon throbbing painfully inside my briefs. I looked at Matt's crotch and smiled when I saw that he had a growing bulge as well.
Matt immediately looked at his crotch too, and saw the big bulge at once. "Oh....shit!" he exclaimed. "I can't walk around the office with this fucking woody showing. Gotta get rid of it in the john." He paused and gave another one of his trademark cheeky smile. "Maybe you ought to get rid of yours too, Teej!" He pointed at my bulge, which was now rock hard.

"Guess I'd better." I replied, as I clicked off the message window and put my pc on standby mode. We then headed to the men's room and got into separate stalls, located side by side. I unbuckled and unzipped my pants, and then pulled them and my briefs all the way down to my ankles. My dick shot straight out, leaking some precum which I used to lubricate my cockhead. I sat on the john and slowly let out a sigh. As I was playing around with my cockhead, I heard Matt unzip his pants.

"Ohhhhh.........yeeeaaaahh......Mmmmmmm.....!" he sighed loudly. I smiled to myself as I could well picture him releasing his hot rod from his boxers and giving it long, slow strokes that would soon give way to furious handpumping, like what took place during several jack-off sessions we had together while watching some steamy /hot/hot-porn/">hot porn at either my apartment or his.

I continued jacking, slowly at first, using more precum that was oozing out from my cock tip to lubricate my entire hot rod. I sighed softly, threw back my head and closed my eyes, picturing in my mind what it'd be like for Matt and I to do a threesome with her. One of the porn flicks we ever watched was of a gorgeous babe in a threesome with two good-looking guys; one smooth and the other kinda hairy in the chest. The rather /guy/hairy-guy/">hairy guy was half-sitting-half-leaning on the bed, getting his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick sucked by her as he used one free hand to play with her tits while the other free hand was roaming his entire chest, giving special attention to his nipples. The smooth guy was pumping his cock in and out of her asshole going "Ugh!...Ugh!..Ugh!" all the time which gave way to a loud and long moan when he finally shot his love-juice into her ass. To think that I was actually going to experience the pleasure of being in a threesome like that! Oh, man!!

I kept pumping my cock as I got up and changed my sitting position on the john, facing the wall instead of the door, and aimed my cock right into the bowl so that there'd not be such a big mess when I came. I continued pumping my dick with my right hand while putting my left hand on the wall in front to steady my sitting position. Once again, I threw back my head and closed my eyes, re-playing the fucking and sucking scene from the porn flick over and over again in my mind. I started breathing faster as I got closer to blowing my man-juice. Just then, I heard Matt's loud moans echoing from the next stall.
"Oh!.....Oh!.......I'm gonna cum.......I'm gonna cum.......I'm gonna..........Oh........SHHIIIITTTTTTTT!!!" he yelled, not caring the least if there were other guys in the men's room at that moment. His moans began to subside after a while.

As for me, I was still pumping furiously at my cock which was well lubricated by precum, getting closer to the point of no return with each handpump. My favorite swear word escaped my lips repeatedly as I brought myself to a climax, but I was more discreet than Matt about making myself heard. "Oh......fuck.....Oh......fuck......Fuck!.....Fuck!......OH......FUUCCCCKKKK!!!" I whimpered as I blew my load into the bowl with powerful squirts. My cock soon became limp and I cleaned it up with some toilet paper, flushed and put on my briefs and pants again.
Matt was washing his hands and rinsing his face at the wash-basin as I came out of my stall and walked towards the basin next to him. I started washing my hands and rinsing my face, grateful that there was no one else there at that time. Matt looked at me from his reflection in the mirror as he was drying his face and gave me his trademark cheeky grin, this time accompanied by an equally cheeky eye-wink. "So, how was it, buddy-boy?" he asked. "Had a good one?"
"A fucking good one, bud!" I said as I dried my face, smiling back and returning a cheeky eye-wink at his reflection in the mirror.