All The Kings Whores

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All The Kings Whores

A proud prince he was, but spoiled for his mother and father gave him all he wanted. A new prize horse, it was his. Another playmate, it was his. His own castle, it was his. All he had to do was snap his fingers and attendants would fly to his side, pampering real forced anal against her will and begging to kiss his shoes.

The story really begins thought, when Prince Vincent became King at the age of 15. His father died tragically. Vincent's mother sent for him, at his castle, to come home right away for the ceremony. 

Sadly he went, never truly realizing what that meant for him. How he now ruled the country and all the people. At the funeral ceremony, his mother Queen Victoria and his sister Princess Fredericka were dressed in drab dark clothing. He went over to them and gave them hugs, because they actually witnessed the accident.

"Oh, Vincent!" His mother wept in his arms, while his sister crumpled to the floor, and her ladies wept around her in a protective circle.

After the ceremony, they all went up to his rooms, to discuss what would happen now. 

"Vincent, you are now King," stated his younger sister. "What are you going to do with you new position?"

"I actually have no clue. I need to find a worthy council for that. What do you suggest mother?"

"Well, dear, I believe that you should take your kingship. Soon, or else, someone might have it in their head to take it away."

"Ahh, like Uncle Theodore."


Vincent dismissed his mother and sister, and made plans with his companions for the following two days for his kingship ceremony.

Two Days Later

Prince Vincent was crowned King Vincent and the entire country cheered. It was a lavished ceremony, with ermine and gold everywhere. On the way out of the church, Her Majesty Queen Victoria presented King Vincent to the world. She even bowed in front of him, showing that a 15 year old King ruled all, even his mother. 
At the festivities, later that night, King Vincent danced with all the young , who tried to catch his eye. They all did, but one more so than all the rest. Lady Geneva, dressed in a spectacular royal blue gown, tight at the waist, and low cut at the top, was the one who caught his eye. 

Her blond hair flowed about her body, and as King Vincent danced with her, he whispered in her ear, all that he thought she was. "Lady Geneva, you are the most beautiful lady in the room. Your beauty can only be compared to a flower, in midst of bloom. Why aren't you taken by one of my lords, yet? They surely desire you."

Giggling quietly, Lady Geneva replied, "Why yes, dear King, they do. But I desire more than petty boys. I desire myself a King. A King with radiant features and one who would love me forever."

"Well, dear, Geneva, I wish for you to be thoroughly satisfied. One of my servants will approach you later, be ready to go with him, my . I hope you are ready to be desired more than you could ever imagine."

King Vincent left her, and went to go talk to his and servant, Michael. "I wish for you to direct Lady Geneva to my rooms. Before the end of tonight, she will no longer be a Lady but my . I'll even let you have a go with her after I'm done."

"Thank you, King Vincent. Would you like me to give her something to wear?"

"No, tell her to just wear her hair. Now go. I'll be there in an hour or so."

Michael escorted Lady Geneva to the King's rooms, telling her what he wanted when he got there.

"Lady Geneva, my , wishes for you to be umm" nude" with only you hair for clothing. Call him "King", no matter what, or else you will be punished. And Lady Geneva fake it if you must."

"But surely, I won't have to? Fake it?"

"Lady Geneva, I'm sure you"ve heard a great many things about King Vincent's conquests, but no one man is surely that great. He even spreads those rumors himself. Now, hurry and undress he will be here soon."

Michael left quickly, thinking that he"d gather the men, and they"d go to the peephole's to look in on the sight, before he got his turn on top of that beauty. Never once did he think that she"d be ruined, nor did he truly care.

Lady Geneva was ready and waited for the King, when he finally came into the bedroom. "Oh, dear, King. I"ve been waiting and wanting you for so long, and now you'll be mine."
"That is right, Geneva. You look so lovely, with your hair around you like that." Vincent quickly stripped out of his attire, letting it fall to the ground. Rapidly, he approached the bed, where Geneva was.

Kissing her softly, the King pushed her blond tresses away from her body, so he could get a full sight of her sensational body. Fondling her tits, he told her to grab hold of his dick and start jacking him off. She did eagerly, as he lowered his head to lick her tits, and bit her erect nipples.

Never one for , King Vincent told her to lay back. She did. He positioned his cock above her mouth and fucked her mouth like there was no tomorrow. Barely breathing, Geneva deep-throated as much of his cock as she could, but it didn't satisfy the King, because he pulled out seconds before cumming. 

"Geneva, you disappoint me. Let us see if you are already deflowered or just a pointless xnxxv sunny leone video virgin, who should know how to please her King."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you King."

"Well, then be quiet, and spread your legs." She did as she was told, and without a care Vincent drove his dick into her cunt. He hit and broke past a barrier, which told him that she wasn't such a totally inept whore. As he broke her hymen, Geneva cried out, tears falling from her eyes.

She had thought that it would be a magical night, with the King, but no he was ruthless and painful. He kept his fast pace and occasionally bent down and bit her breasts with brutality. He cummed in torrents and Geneva had yet to feel any pleasure from this encounter, yet, she stilled screamed out in forced satisfaction.

Pulling out, the King addressed her with no respect, "Ah, my little used whore, would you like some refreshments?" He clapped and Michael came into the room carrying some wine. He poured the King a glass and then Geneva.

"Michael, thank you. Would you like to have a go with my little toy? Surely after me nothing could satisfy my little plaything." Laughing menacingly, the King got up and sat on a chaise lounge as Michael got undressed for his turn with the King's new whore.

Protesting Geneva tried to get up, but more men appeared in the room. "Now, dear Geneva, remember when we danced you said that you desired a King, and not any of my Lords, well, they became offended. So now I think that they deserve an apology. Apologize!"

Quietly, Geneva said, "I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry."

"Louder, you whore. You screamed out when I pleasured you, now scream out your apology!"


More later from the story of Geneva and the King