I knew that tonight was going to be fun I could feel it

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I knew that tonight was going to be fun I could feel it

I had met madison at the airport, all had went well, she had greeted me with the best kiss I had ever encountered. Now after meeting the family, spending time getting to know each other over again, we had started getting bolder and bolder. Some times just some kissing, other times some heavy petting, but no further. Yet every time we touched I longed to just take her right then and there. This need to hear her moan, as I caressed her and touched her all over, had been building up for months, and now I was going to make it happen.

As I woke up beside her, to feel the warmth of her skin, run my fingers through her long brown hair. I had already begun to fantasize. She stood 5"6, slim, long brown hair, brown eyes, and the most beautifull smile. She was everything a /model/">model indian santali xvideo had to be, and more. We had decided to spend the day Go-Karting, on the beach, and out on the boat. I opened the door for her to get into the drivers seat, giving her a kiss, then shut it behind her. We then buckled up and she turned on the radio. On our way to the Go-Karting track we hit a red light, I placed my hand on her leg and imediatly felt her tense up then relax. The light turned green and so she put the car into gear and took a right turn, I began sliding my hand further up her leg. She took in a deep breath then turned to me and smiled, and with that she placed her hand on my hand and slid it further up to her crotch. I felt her shudder at my touch. She placed her hand back on the stearing wheel and continued with the drive. I began to teasingly play with her zipper, then began to slowly unzip her jeans. She shifted her wieght and opened her legs slightly. I then undid the button, and begn running my fingers back and forth under the hem of her panties. I let my hand slide in, and ran my fingers up and down inbetween the lips, bringing the wetness up to her clit. She lets out a slight moan as I brush along her clit, then bites her lip. I move my fingers down to the hole, and run my fingers around the outside, leting a finger slide in slowly. Again she moans. I lean over and whisper "would u like to pull over" she didnt reply she simply pulled over into a pit stop. I slipped my hand out and we moved to the back seat. I layed her down kissing her as I slipped my hands back into her pants, moving my fingers over her clit, pressing down slightly. Caressing her clit, as I kiss and bite her neck, hearing her moan. I slide my hand down further slipping two fingers inside of her, caressing her g-spot, moving my fingers in and out. I continue moving my fingers in and out, curving them slightly. With the other hand I begin removing her top, realizing what I wanted she helped me take it off. I began kissing her breast, biting them. She then took her bra off and I began teasing her nipples with my tongue. I move my fingers back up to her clit, feeling it throb as I caressed it, moving it around. She was moaning like /crazy/">crazy, biting her lip to muffle the sound. As I slipped two fingers back inside her she moved her hand down and began caressing her clit, as I licked and teased her nipples. She let out a loud moan as she orgasmed and came. All she could say was "wow". We kissed again and then she got dressed. We returned to the front seats, and began our /trip/">trip to the Go-Karting track again. 

After we finished Go-Karting, and I had let her win a few times, we headed to the beach to have a picnic. Once there the weather turned dull and gray, so we decided to head back to the house before a storm hit. When we got home we found a note on the counter that read:
We didnt know when u would be home, so we went out to eat with out u guys. After we eat we are going shopping, we wont be back till around 8:30.

/mom/love-mom/">love mom

The time now was 6:43 so we still had and hour and forty five minutes to ourselves. 

We went to her bed room and slammed the door behind us. Madison then started stripping me of my shirt and bra, as I stripped her of hers. once completly topless she pushed me back on the bed. Kissing me all over the my neck, breast and stomach. I then rolled us over so that I was inbetween her thys. Kissing her neck and biting it as I massage her breast, running my fingers over her nipples. I get up and move to the bed side draws and pull out a bag. Out from the bag I pull some ropes. With the ropes in one hand I begin tying her to the bed with the other. Once done with that I lean over her kissing her stomach and moving down, hooking my fingers in her belt loops and slidding them off as I move down her stomach taking her panties with them. Once I have removed her pants and panties I move to tying her ankles to the bed. The I begin kissing her thys moving up, almost reaching her pussy, then I move off the bed to the bag. Out from the bag I pull a /vibrator/">vibrator. I move accross the room to a chair she has specifically for lying down on. I slide my pants down to my ankles then alain lyle porn kick them off, then slide my panties down and stepping out of them. I lay down on the chair and begin running my fingers inbetween the lips, making me wetter than I was before. I then take the vibrator and slowly slide it into my throbbing pussy, moving it in and out, beginging to moan. I hear Madison begin to beg me to use my vibrator on her. I can hear her voice tremble as she tells me how horny I am making her, and so I slide the vibrator out. I move towards her and begin kissing her, my tongue playing with hers, as I slide the vibrator inside her.

She leans her head back and moans, I begin kissing her neck as I slide the vibrator in and out of her pussy. Getting faster as I feel her hips grind towards it, hearing her moaning. I move down to her nipples licking them as I thrust the vibrator in and out. Biting her nipples slightly, as she screams for me to do it harder. Moving the vibrator back and forth, turning the speed up a lil bit more. Her moaning getting louder,as she moans my name. I feel her body tense up as she orgasms over and over, still not stopping. I move down to her stomach, then down to her pussy, running my tongue over her clit as I move the vibrator in and out, teasing her clit, making her cum harder than before. With about her 6th orgasm I slow down, then take the vibrator out. I move to her /feet/">feet and untie them, then to her hands and untie them too. She collapses ontop of me, and we both fall asleep.